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August 22, 2021
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Eye for Eye

Eye for Eye

Chul Kim

‘A gripping, intriguing, and provocative page-turner about the flame of love of humanity in Hong Kong’ – Romy Coers

An intelligent and heart-warming story that will move you.’ – Ferial Mohamed

Formats available: Kindle & Paperback

Publication date: 25 September 2021

On 9 June 2019, over one million Hong Kong citizens marched on Hong Kong island. It was the biggest protest in Hong Kong history. The series of demonstrations lasted until 2020, thousands of people got injured or arrested.

Peter Chen is the leader of his undercover medics’ team. He is not related to the medical field, but he is a pacifist, who avoids using violence in the protest. Every weekend, the Hong Kong streets are dyed in violence, but rescuing injured people in the protest site is Peter’s own way to resist against the government with non-violence.

In a massive protest held in the main hub airport of Hong Kong, Peter rescues a severely injured protester Blaze Lai. However, Blaze is a wanted criminal who was charged with damaging property in the legislative council. The police dragnet is getting closer to Peter, and the undercover medic is under the threat. Will Peter be able to sustain his fight against the unyielding resistance of mainland China?

About the Author:

Chul Kim is an author from South Korea, majoring Liberal Arts and Science at the University of Amsterdam. He found his passion in writing while he was doing mandatory service in Korean army in 2018-2020. During his service, he finished his first YA novel ‘Dear Time Traveller’, and later, he found interest in writing historical fiction. The Hong Kong democratic movement 2019 has drawn his attention, and ‘Eye for Eye’ is written to dedicate the undercover medics who participated in the demonstration. 

Until today, Chul Kim is thought to be the youngest English novelist from South Korea.