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Odi the Ostrich – At the Animal Games

Odi the Ostrich – At the Animal Games

Steve Bull (Author), Sonja Truter (Illustrator)

Formats available: Kindle

Publication date: 27 October 2023

Praise for Steve Bull

‘The best book ever written by the greatest author ever’ – Teddy aged 8

‘Ground-breaking and revolutionary, please turn this into a movie’ Tegan aged 12Odi 
can run, really run, he is the fastest in his hometown. With his beady eyes set on gold, can Odi pedal those long thin legs and keep up with the fastest animals in the world, or will Michael the manic mole snatch a stunning victory?

‘Odi the Ostrich at the Animal Games’ is the opening book in a hilariously charming children’s series based on the coolest ostrich in town! This heart-warming series promises to keep

About the Author

Steve lives in a Derbyshire village with his wife, two children and two greedy cats.

From being in construction to teaching, Steve had, and still has, absolutely no idea about writing children’s books but did it anyway!

‘Odi the Ostrich at the Animal Games’ is the beginning of a heart-warming series of exciting and charming children’s books created by Steve after having a friendly bet with his wife about who could write the best children’s book.