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Plantain Medicine

Plantain Medicine

Alyson Maier

Join Sammy in yet another delightful adventure.

Formats available: Kindle & Paperback

Publication date: 05 November 2021

Sammy learns which herbs or plants growing around him are useful in times of need. His friend, Sophie, has been stung on the foot by a Bee, and she needs something to stop the intensity of the sting.
Luckily, Sammy and his mum know exactly how to help her!

This charming sequel to “Dandelion Medicine” teaches us how Plantain can help soothe irritation and inflammation after a bee sting.
Get the entire series to help your children learn the importance of how nature can help in times of need.

About the Author

Alyson is a Wife, Mother, Naturopath, and Herbalist with a passion for igniting motivation, imagination, enquiry and a deep care for our Earth in all of our Children. Through her Herbal Adventure Series of Books, Alyson hopes to raise awareness around wild edible and medicinal plants that are otherwise regarded as “weeds”. Join her as she takes you on a memorable and imaginative journey to look at these “weeds” through a new appreciative lens.