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October 31, 2021
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November 5, 2021

Slow Sherbet

Slow Sherbet

Sarah Storton

Formats available: Kindle & Paperback

Publication date: 03 November 2021

Happy Heart Zoo is an enchanting place for a humans day out. However, when the boys and girls go home, things aren’t always quite so magical for a particular Happy Heart resident.

This story is about Sherbet. Sherbet is a sloth – a very sweet but different sort of animal. He has long arms, shaggy fur and he moves around a lot slower than we can. I think he’s super cute… But Sherbet is upset because he isn’t the same as the others.

Can Sherbets’ friend help him realise that being ‘different’ is actually the best way to be?

About the Author

Sarah is native to Yorkshire, England, but she will always be thinking of where to travel next.

With her various hairstyles, usually rocking a pair of dungarees and converse, her quirky personality shines through her appearance. Her love for music makes her a regular at music festivals. During the global pandemic, she start- ed an illustration business and wrote this children’s book to promote mental health and bullying awareness. Now back to her day job as a dental nurse, Sarah is saving for her own home – hopefully a little cottage and of course, a dog. Being family and friends orientated, she’s hoping the publishing of her book makes the people close to her very proud.