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May 11, 2022
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May 3, 2023

Street Dogs

Street Dogs

Lisa Worth

Rafiq is a sweet, scruffy street dog, living in a sleepy Middle Eastern town.

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Publication date: 02 September 2022

Rafiq is a sweet, scruffy street dog, living in a sleepy Middle Eastern town.
He doesn’t like to complain or seem ungrateful, but with only one eye that works, what use is he to his pack?

Halimah is smart and can get them out of any sticky situation, and as for Buster, wow he’s brave! Imshee is quicker than a lizard and Spike leaps like an antelope, but Rafiq? What can he do?

Sometimes he just wants to lay on his back on the beach and soak up the sunshine, to forget how useless his friends make him feel. Even this is spoiled by an angry, screeching sea bird who terrifies him, and he wonders if he should just run away altogether.

But he can’t leave his pack – he’d be far too lonely – and what he doesn’t know is that soon, they’re going to need him more than ever.

Maybe it wasn’t his street dog pals that made him feel useless after all. Maybe he just wasn’t being kind to himself.

This story is for small two-legged ones who love a good adventure. And for all two-legged ones who forever cheer on the underdog!

About the Author

Lisa calls Liverpool home but the world her backyard, and she has a long association with the Middle East.

As an actor/singer she has worked around the world, but in recent years she has used the written word to tell her stories, including articles, pieces for stage and a feature length screenplay – “The Frankincense Tree.”

Her love of animals has been constant throughout and her involvement with dogs, horses and cats has brought her much joy. As well as a life lesson or two!