Kingsley Publishers accept submissions for consideration from a wide range of genres from fiction to non-fiction, biographical, memoirs, Christian books and children’s books. Its important to read through our submissions guidelines before sending in your manuscript to ensure it meets our specifications.


We at Kingsley Publishers accept manuscripts direct from Authors or from Literary Agents and prefer to take manuscripts that have already been professionally edited. If your manuscript hasn’t already been edited, please still send it through to us, letting us know your plans for editing.

For children’s book submissions, we only accept manuscripts that have already been illustrated and edited. If your book is not illustrated and edited, please still submit to us, detailing your plans to do so.

All submissions are only accepted electronically via email.

We do not accept academic or foreign language submissions. All submissions must be in English.


Send through your full completed manuscript together with a cover letter and synopsis.

The cover letter should state:

• The proposed title of your work

• The Author name you would like to publish under

• Your own name if different from your Author name

• The word count of your manuscript

• Confirmation as to whether your manuscript has already been professionally edited or not

• Name and contact details of your editor if it has been professionally edited (we credit the editor in the final book version)

• The genre of your work

Other Authors whose books are comparable in style to your own

The synopsis should be no longer than one A4 page 

Please submit in Microsoft Word format and Times New Roman size 12 font


Send us an email submission. Please include your name and book title in the subject of the email.

Email :