April 29, 2022
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May 11, 2022

Yarrow Medicine

Yarrow Medicine

Alyson Maier

Formats available: Kindle & Paperback

Publication date: 22 July 2022

This is the third book in a small series of Herbal Adventures books that take Sammy on imaginative adventures with his grandad and friends, to discover the great healing benefits of the natural world.

In Yarrow Medicine, Sammy takes a small tumble resulting in a cut on his knee and needs to find something to stop the bleeding. Luckily his grandad knows which plant grows nearby that can help! Together they learn more about Yarrow and how to use it during this time of need.

This book nicely follows on from my first two published books “Dandelion Medicine” and “Plantain Medicine”. To learn more about these series of books and to learn more about plant medicines follow Alyson on Instagram @alysonmaiernaturopath or visit her website www.greenheartherbals.com to take her signature course in learning how to grow your own medicinal herb garden.

About the Author

Alyson is a Wife, Mother, Naturopath, and Herbalist with a passion for igniting motivation, imagination, enquiry and a deep care for our Earth in all of our Children. Through her Herbal Adventure Series of Books, Alyson hopes to raise awareness around wild edible and medicinal plants that are otherwise regarded as “weeds”. Join her as she takes you on a memorable and imaginative journey to look at these “weeds” through a new appreciative lens.